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Didgeridoo Travel Didgeridoo

Didgeridoo travel or The Travel didgeridoo is when packed up the smallest of all plastic didgeridoos. It all fit's in this little bag. Very good for traveling. The travel didgeridoo comes a part in 5 little pieces. In sound the travel didge is very nice for a 2mm thin wall. One of it's benefit's is that the travel didgeridoo is made out of conical shaped didgeridoo parts. When all put together you will have a didgeridoo of a length of 169 cm going from a medium mouthpiece of 32 mm tapering all the way down to a 11 cm bell. Similar to the High tone extended conical didgeridoos. It is an instrument that makes circular breathing easy to learn on and is one of our bestsellers for that reason. But also a nice gadget to have to your didgeridoo collection. It is nick named screw yourself didgeridoo, because that's how you put it together : ). When completely put together the didgeridoo play's in D tone. And has a range of trumpet tones in B, F and A. When one part is taken of it play's in D sharp tone and has a range of trumpet tones in Fs,D, G and B tone When the second part is taken of it play's in the F tone and has a trumpet range in Gs, E, A, and C tone. Altogether this is a funny instrument that play's nice for it's light weight. The travel didgeridoo does not allow a lot of pressure because of it's thin plastic wall. So for the powerful player the volume will be a bit limited.

  • 169
  • Plastic Didgeridoos
  • 3.2
  • Plastic Didgeridoo
  • D,D#,F
  • 0,2
  • 0.9000
  • 11
  • B,F,A

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