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Serial: Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98

Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98

Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98

Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98 is a very long didgeridoo in the Key of a low D. Harmonious sound and deep and low tones in combination with a sharper ground tone. Good for both styles of playing meditative and rhythmic didgeridoo playing. Good for vocalizing sounds. The design are two carved Aboriginal men dancing in a coroberee ( ritual dance). They are holding boomerangs and spears and it looks like they are preparing for battle. It most have takin' a lot of work to clean all the wood from the didge and only leave the wood for the two men behind. Also a very precise job is done doing so. A rare and unique didgeridoo! This sort of carving is hardly done nowadays. The unusual length of this didge makes it a low tone conical. The tone is a D midtone. Normally a didgeridoo of this length would be a few tones lower. The inside is more conical then it looks from outside. The didgeridoo is also nicely balanced! For it's length it is not a heavy didge. Good to see that this kind of hand work is still done! With it's impressive length an extravagant piece to see.

  • 160 cm
  • Painted Didgeridoos
  • 3.4 cm
  • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
  • D
  • 5.2000
  • 9 cm
  • F
  • 1.2 cm

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