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Serial: Didgeridoo PCsFs39M36B10P38


Didgeridoo Painted PCsFs39M36B10P38

DIdgeridoo PCsFs39M36B10P38 is a C sharp close to the D tone. Full harmonious sound with a firm bassy touch to it. Clear overtones and good for deep vocalizing didgeridoo sounds. For the meditative didgeridoo playing Very relaxing drone. Artist unknown. It does have the initials LRF on it. The design represents lizards with there dreaming tracks.

  • 139 cm
  • Painted Didgeridoos
  • 3.6 cm
  • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
  • C#
  • 5.3000
  • 10 cm
  • F
  • 1.4 cm

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