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Serial: Didgeridoo PCsF50M38B12P48


Painted didgeridoo PCsF50M38B12P48

Painted didgeridoo PCsF50M38B12P48 is a good looking Bloodwood Eucalypt with nice reddish wood toned patterns in it. Some playful bloodwood bloodlines on the bottom. A flaring bell put's it together! Light in weight. A very good mid range type of didgeridoo. Full and harmonious in sound. Clear with a nice backpresure. The painting is done by an Aboriginal lady called Loraine. It's a Dudong (Kind of fresh water Dolphin) on a spongy background. A didgeridoo that has class!

  • 150 cm
  • Painted Didgeridoos
  • 3.8 cm
  • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
  • Cs
  • 3.8000
  • 12 cm
  • F
  • 1.3 cm

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