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Serial: Didgeridoo FG43M3B14W47P68


Didgeridoo FG43M3B14W47P68

Didgeridoo FG43M3B14W47P68 is a High Tone Conical didgeridoo. A lower F tone. Between E and F if you play with less pressure. Good for contemporary rhythmic and traditional playing. For the fast player or lover of a high tone didgeridoo. Some say F is a traditional sound. Definitely not for the relaxed and meditative didgeridoo player. Increased backpresure. Easy first trumpet toot (G) because it lies close to the instruments ground tone. The didgeridoo beautifully tappers from a medium mouthpiece way down to a 14 cm flare. Many didgeridoo qualities are in-bodied in this didge. Full powerful harmonic sounds in combination with a sharper tone. Very clear distinguished overtones. Clear vocal sounds blending perfectly with deep ground tone. Overall a powerful sound for the powerful player. Easy for fast rhythms and traditional didgeridoo playing. Responds very quick on all advanced techniques. A crisp wooden sound. Almost like a tearing and roaring sound. The didge is also well balanced. The wood thickness is gradually through the whole didge. No bumps diff's mufflers you name it. Or any other small misbalances can be found. A cleanskin didgeridoo. No knot's nothing. Wax-less or to be played with wax.

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  • High Tone Conical Didgeridoo
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  • Wooly Butt Eucalyptus
  • F
  • 4.0000
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  • G,D#,G
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