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Serial: Didgeridoo DsF45M33B10W3P39

Didgeridoo-Webshop DsF45M33B10W3P39

Didgeridoo DsF45M33B10W3P39

Didgeridoo DsF45M33B10W3P39 is a High Tone Conical E didgeridoo. It can also be played in Ds when less pressure is given. So you could say the tone is in between E and D#. The didgeridoo is small in size but reasonably long in length for an E tone didgeridoo. Normally they are shorter. This gives you extra room to grasp toots or trumpet tones. There is more room to play more advanced rhythms. For the rhythmic type of player it is a nice didgeridoo to travel around with. it is not too big and still has a loud sound and all the characteristics of a professional instrument. It is a clean skin (surface) didgeridoo. no Knot's or other wood problems. It had a small repair on the bell but that never seems to be a problem with didgeridoos anyway. Just thought I mention it. It is hard to see anyway. This type of didgeridoo has been the most popular model in the past because of it's possibilities and size.

  • 145
  • High Tone Conical
  • 3.3
  • Stringy Bark Eucalyptus
  • D#
  • 3.0000
  • 10
  • F,C#,F#
  • 1.1

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