Extend Didgeridoo

Didgeridoo Extended Low Tone Conical

Didgeridoo Extended Conical Low Tone Didgeridoo Extended conical Low Tone are didgeridoos that are longer versions of our conical didgeridoos. A didgeridoo from this category can easily measure between 1.60 and 1.80 metres and appear in all kinds of eucalyptus wood, although boxwood and ironbark eucalyptus are less common. This type of didgeridoo is always very straight, and compared to the regular low tone conical didgeridoos the diameter of the bell bottom end of the didgeridoo will usually be a little wider. Mouthpieces are small to medium-sized, and keys range from B-D.


Because of the didgeridoos larger size, extended conical didgeridoos have a more voluminous inner column. This results in having a larger sound box, which produces a deeper, warmer sound compared to normal conical didgeridoos. Due to the extra length and the gradual increase of diameter of the inner column, extended conical didgeridoos will have more trumpet tones than any other type of didgeridoo. These trumpet tones are usually very easy to produce, are close to the ground tone of the didgeridoo, and the primary trumpet tone will sometimes even match the key of the instrument.

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