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Mallee Didgeridoos

Specializing in High Quality Didgeridoos is what  "Mallee Didgeridoos" stands for since 1996.

All our didgeridoos are all original and made from termite hollowed Eucalyptus stems from Australia. 

By sharing knowledge with several didgeridoo makers and participating in the making process,  

we have improved the playability of the didgeridoo tremendously.

Over the years "Mallee Didgeridoos" has designed several types of didgeridoos for professional didgeridoo players.

Didgeridoos that have changed the way we look at didgeridoos nowadays. 

The Mallee didgeridoo collection consists of 10 type of didgeridoo. See "How to Choose" for help.

Each individual Didgeridoo comes with a photo, video and a detailed description of the characteristics.







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