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Didgeridoo Bag deluxe

The Deluxe didgeridoo bag has a nice conical shape and is made out of Cordura Nylon. It is 9 times more durable than most other Nylons. The Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag is a good designed model and closes with a robust YKK zipper along side the bag near the bottom. The inside of the Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag is padded with Spacer Mesh. A material that gives extra insulation against temperature changes and a little protection against bumping the didgeridoo. The bottom of the Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag is protected inside with a high density rubber pad, to maxiumum protect the bell of the didgeridoo, when vertically putting it down. The The Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag can handle didgeridoos with a length of 157 cm and a bell bottom width of 14 maybe 15 cm. It has a comfortable nylon strap to carry the didgeridoo. It fits most didgeridoos. The width is never a problem, but didgeridoos of over 157 cm will have a problem fitting in this bag! It has a Mallee Didge logo on the side in white.

  • 157 cm
  • Didgeridoo Bag
  • 0.3000
  • 15 cm

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