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  1. Didgeridoo PDsA18M36B9P38

    Serial: Didgeridoo PDsA18M36B9P38

    Didgeridoo PDsA18M36B9P38 is a nice busker or travelers didgeridoo. Very light in weight! Full harmonic sound. Clear overtones and good for both styles of didgeridoo playing. Fast and Slow. The design was done by an Aboriginal artist called Dennis Bong. A Platypus in an Spongy ocean background. The bottom and top of the didgeridoo have the traditional scorpion sting design that originates from the artists background.
    Didgeridoo PDsA18M36B9P38
    • 118 cm
    • Painted Didgeridoos
    • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
    • 3.6 cm
    • D#
    • 9 cm
    • A
    • 1.4 cm
  2. Didgeridoo PDsG37M3B13P68

    Serial: Didgeridoo PDsG37M3B13P68

    Buy Didgeridoo PDsG37M3B13P68 A good looking Bloodwood Eucalyptus didgeridoo for sale. With nice reddish wood toned patterns in it. Some playful bloodlines on the bottom. A flaring bell put's it together! Light in weight. A very good mid range type of didgeridoo. Full and harmonious didgeridoo sound. Clear with a nice backpresure. The painting is done by an Aboriginal lady called Loraine. It's a Baramundi fish on a spongy background. A didgeridoo that has class!
    Didgeridoo-Webshop- PDsG37M3B13P68
    • 137
    • Painted Didgeridoo
    • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
    • 3
    • D#
    • 13
    • G, E
    • 1.1
  3. Didgeridoo PDsGs28M35B11P33

    Serial: Didgeridoo PDsGs28M35B11P33

    Didgeridoo PDsGs28M35B11P33 is a didgeridoo with a harmonious sound. Low and deep. Good for meditative didgeridoo playing.
    The design is made by an Aboriginal Artist called Margaret Turner. I have no idea what the name of the little animals is. I only know that they look like shrimps. But then again the background does not seem to match an ocean background. So maybe they are just ants in the bush? You name it.
    • 128 cm
    • Painted
    • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
    • 3.5 cm
    • D#
    • 11 cm
    • G#,
    • 1.1 cm
  4. Didgeridoo PDsG41M3B10P43

    Serial: Didgeridoo PDsG41M3B10P43

    Buy Didgeridoo PDsG41M3B10P43 bloodwood didgeridoo for sale with a beautiful serpent carved on it by Ben Hardey. Small detailed cross hatching fill in. Clear and sharp tone. Nice overtones blending in with the basic drone. Good for the rhythmic type of didgeridoo player. Full sound and nice backpresure.
    • 141
    • Painted Didgeridoo
    • Stringy Bark Eucalyptus
    • 3
    • D#
    • 10
    • G,D#
    • 1.3

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