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  1. Didgeridoo Conical High Tone FsG30M34B12P31

    Serial: Didgeridoo FsG30M34B12P31

    Didgeridoo FsG30M34B12P31 is a High Tone Conical didgeridoo. A bloodwood Eucalyptus didgeridoo. Slightly fast Fs tone. Good for contemporary rhythmic and traditional didgeridoo playing. For fast didgeridoo playing or lover of a high tone didgeridoo. Some say Fs is a traditional didgeridoo sound. Definitely not for the relaxed and meditative player......
    • 130 cm
    • High Tone Conical
    • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
    • 3.4 cm
    • F#
    • 12 cm
    • G,E
    • 1.1 cm
  2. Didgeridoo PCsG37M38B14P39

    Serial: Didgeridoo PCsG37M38B14P39

    Didgeridoo PCsG37M38B14P39. Hard to maybe see on a screen. But this didgeridoo has very nice traditional colors. A different type of paint was used which give's it a very natural look. The sound is harmonious and deep. Good for the meditative didgeridoo player. Clear overtones and excellent for using vocal sounds. The bands are a traditional way of painting a didgeridoo. In this case it is done exceptionally nice way. Nicely hooked extravagant bell!
    • 137 cm
    • Painted
    • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
    • 3.8 cm
    • C#
    • 14 cm
    • G
    • !.2 cm
  3. Didgeridoo Painted PCsFs39M36B10P38

    Serial: Didgeridoo PCsFs39M36B10P38

    DIdgeridoo PCsFs39M36B10P38 is a C sharp close to the D tone. Full harmonious sound with a firm bassy touch to it. Clear overtones and good for deep vocalizing didgeridoo sounds. For the meditative didgeridoo playing Very relaxing drone. Artist unknown. It does have the initials LRF on it. The design represents lizards with there dreaming tracks.
    • 139 cm
    • Painted Didgeridoos
    • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
    • 3.6 cm
    • C#
    • 10 cm
    • F
    • 1.4 cm
  4. Didgeridoo FG43M3B14W47P68

    Serial: Didgeridoo FG43M3B14W47P68

    Didgeridoo FG43M3B14W47P68 is a High Tone Conical didgeridoo. A lower F tone. Between E and F if you play with less pressure. Good for contemporary rhythmic and traditional playing. For the fast player or lover of a high tone didgeridoo. Some say F is a traditional sound. Definitely not for the relaxed and meditative didgeridoo player. Increased backpresure. Easy first trumpet toot (G) because it lies close to the instruments ground tone. The didgeridoo beautifully tappers from a medium mouthpiece way down to a 14 cm flare. Many didgeridoo qualities are in-bodied in this didge. Full powerful harmonic sounds in combination with a sharper tone. Very clear distinguished overtones. Clear vocal sounds blending perfectly with deep ground tone. Overall a powerful sound for the powerful player. Easy for fast rhythms and traditional didgeridoo playing. Responds very quick on all advanced techniques. A crisp wooden sound. Almost like a tearing and roaring sound. The didge is also well balanced. The wood thickness is gradually through the whole didge. No bumps diff's mufflers you name it. Or any other small misbalances can be found. A cleanskin didgeridoo. No knot's nothing. Wax-less or to be played with wax.
    • 143
    • High Tone Conical Didgeridoo
    • Wooly Butt Eucalyptus
    • 3
    • F
    • 14
    • G,D#,G
    • 1.2
  5. Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98

    Serial: Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98

    Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98 is a very long didgeridoo in the Key of a low D. Harmonious sound and deep and low tones in combination with a sharper ground tone. Good for both styles of playing meditative and rhythmic didgeridoo playing. Good for vocalizing sounds. The design are two carved Aboriginal men dancing in a coroberee ( ritual dance). They are holding boomerangs and spears and it looks like they are preparing for battle. It most have takin' a lot of work to clean all the wood from the didge and only leave the wood for the two men behind. Also a very precise job is done doing so. A rare and unique didgeridoo! This sort of carving is hardly done nowadays. The unusual length of this didge makes it a low tone conical. The tone is a D midtone. Normally a didgeridoo of this length would be a few tones lower. The inside is more conical then it looks from outside. The didgeridoo is also nicely balanced! For it's length it is not a heavy didge. Good to see that this kind of hand work is still done! With it's impressive length an extravagant piece to see.
    Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98
    • 160 cm
    • Painted Didgeridoos
    • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
    • 3.4 cm
    • D
    • 9 cm
    • F
    • 1.2 cm

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    Special Price: €535.00

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