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  1. Buy Budget Didgeridoo Bag

    Serial: Buy Budget Didgeridoo Bag

    This Budget Didgeridoo Bag is made out of Cordura Nylon. It is 9 times durable than most other Nylons. It is a very simple model with a velcro strap to close it. The Budget Didgeridoo Bag shape is rectangle on the top and round on the bottom. The bag can handle didgeridoos with a length of 157 cm and a bell width of 14 maybe 15 cm. It has a nylon strap to carry the didgeridoo. The Budget DIdgeridoo Bag can handle longer didgeridoos, but they will be sticking out from the top of the bag. It has a Mallee Didge logo on the side of the bag. A nice Didgeridoo bag for sale at a good price.
    • 160 cm
    • Didgeridoo Bag
    • Cordura Nylon
    • 14 cm
    • 14 cm
    • 14 cm
  2. Didgeridoo Travel Didgeridoo

    Serial: Didgeridoo Travel Didgeridoo

    Didgeridoo travel or The Travel didgeridoo is when packed up the smallest of all plastic didgeridoos. It all fit's in this little bag. Very good for traveling. The travel didgeridoo comes a part in 5 little pieces. In sound the travel didge is very nice for a 2mm thin wall. One of it's benefit's is that the travel didgeridoo is made out of conical shaped didgeridoo parts. When all put together you will have a didgeridoo of a length of 169 cm going from a medium mouthpiece of 32 mm tapering all the way down to a 11 cm bell. Similar to the High tone extended conical didgeridoos. It is an instrument that makes circular breathing easy to learn on and is one of our bestsellers for that reason. But also a nice gadget to have to your didgeridoo collection. It is nick named screw yourself didgeridoo, because that's how you put it together : ). When completely put together the didgeridoo play's in D tone. And has a range of trumpet tones in B, F and A. When one part is taken of it play's in D sharp tone and has a range of trumpet tones in Fs,D, G and B tone When the second part is taken of it play's in the F tone and has a trumpet range in Gs, E, A, and C tone. Altogether this is a funny instrument that play's nice for it's light weight. The travel didgeridoo does not allow a lot of pressure because of it's thin plastic wall. So for the powerful player the volume will be a bit limited. >
    • 169
    • Plastic Didgeridoos
    • Plastic Didgeridoo
    • 3.2
    • D,D#,F
    • 0,2
    • 11
    • B,F,A
  3. Didjeribone

    Serial: Didjeribone

    The Didjeribone was invented by Charlie Mc Mahon. A famous Australian didgeridoo player. He invented the first slide didgeridoo in the seventies and came with the didjeribone in the late 90's. The didjeribone is the best sliding slide didge of all slide didgeridoos. It is the world's best selling slide didgeridoo too. It does not have a lot of body which has an effect on the volume of the instrument. But very ideal for traveling, because of the light weight of only half a kilo. Another good thing is that the bell can come of. So the didjeribone will not break off and can be packed smaller that way. The didjeribone can bend in heavy sun or near other heat sources and will slide less if this happens.The inside of al slide didgeridoos are cylindrical. This is different than conical didgeridoos, it limit's a didgeridoo in power and has an effect on the trumpet tones. The trumpet tones are further away (higher note) of the ground tone, so it can be a little bit harder to grasp. Than again the lightness of plastic didgeridoos makes it very easy to resonate when blowing a trumpet tone or a basic drone. Easy for circular breathing. Good for learning, traveling, busking, but most of all the ability to slide and change the tone/ note of the didgeridoo. Length from 90 cm to 153 cm. Key's from C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G. The Sound sample was done by Didgeridoo virtuoso Michael Jackson From Australia. The sound sample is the end part of the song "Waggin the Stump" where only a didjeribone is multiple used. In Wagging the Stump you can hear the didjeribone sliding the basic drone in a slow and faster version in combination with several short toots in many different key's to create a melody. In the background you can hear a continues trumpet toot sliding to create another melody over the first two base melodies. If you ask me a Master piece on a didjeribone. There are 3 recordings dubbed over each other to make it in to a complete song. Waggin the stump comes from the Album "Beyond the Mike" available at Aboriginal Art & Instruments Amsterdam. Not available online. Note the new model is black and the bottom can be taken off.
    • 90 cm
    • Plastic Didgeridoo
    • Plastic Didgeridoo
    • 3.2 cm
    • C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G
    • 7 cm
    • Multiple
    • 0.2 cm
  4. Didgeridoo Bag deluxe

    Serial: Didgeridoo Deluxe Bag

    The Deluxe didgeridoo bag has a nice conical shape and is made out of Cordura Nylon. It is 9 times more durable than most other Nylons. The Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag is a good designed model and closes with a robust YKK zipper along side the bag near the bottom. The inside of the Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag is padded with Spacer Mesh. A material that gives extra insulation against temperature changes and a little protection against bumping the didgeridoo. The bottom of the Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag is protected inside with a high density rubber pad, to maxiumum protect the bell of the didgeridoo, when vertically putting it down. The The Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag can handle didgeridoos with a length of 157 cm and a bell bottom width of 14 maybe 15 cm. It has a comfortable nylon strap to carry the didgeridoo. It fits most didgeridoos. The width is never a problem, but didgeridoos of over 157 cm will have a problem fitting in this bag! It has a Mallee Didge logo on the side in white.
    • 157 cm
    • Didgeridoo Bag
    • 15 cm
  5. Didgeridoo bag small

    Serial: Didgeridoo bag small

    Simpel didgeridoo bag with velcro strap on the top.
    • 152
    • 12

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