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  1. Buy Budget Didgeridoo Bag

    Serial: Buy Budget Didgeridoo Bag

    This Budget Didgeridoo Bag is made out of Cordura Nylon. It is 9 times durable than most other Nylons. It is a very simple model with a velcro strap to close it. The Budget Didgeridoo Bag shape is rectangle on the top and round on the bottom. The bag can handle didgeridoos with a length of 157 cm and a bell width of 14 maybe 15 cm. It has a nylon strap to carry the didgeridoo. The Budget DIdgeridoo Bag can handle longer didgeridoos, but they will be sticking out from the top of the bag. It has a Mallee Didge logo on the side of the bag. A nice Didgeridoo bag for sale at a good price.
    • 160 cm
    • Didgeridoo Bag
    • Cordura Nylon
    • 14 cm
    • 14 cm
    • 14 cm
  2. Didgeridoo Bag deluxe

    Serial: Didgeridoo Deluxe Bag

    The Deluxe didgeridoo bag has a nice conical shape and is made out of Cordura Nylon. It is 9 times more durable than most other Nylons. The Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag is a good designed model and closes with a robust YKK zipper along side the bag near the bottom. The inside of the Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag is padded with Spacer Mesh. A material that gives extra insulation against temperature changes and a little protection against bumping the didgeridoo. The bottom of the Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag is protected inside with a high density rubber pad, to maxiumum protect the bell of the didgeridoo, when vertically putting it down. The The Deluxe Didgeridoo Bag can handle didgeridoos with a length of 157 cm and a bell bottom width of 14 maybe 15 cm. It has a comfortable nylon strap to carry the didgeridoo. It fits most didgeridoos. The width is never a problem, but didgeridoos of over 157 cm will have a problem fitting in this bag! It has a Mallee Didge logo on the side in white.
    • 157 cm
    • Didgeridoo Bag
    • 15 cm
  3. Didgeridoo bag small

    Serial: Didgeridoo bag small

    Simpel didgeridoo bag with velcro strap on the top.
    • 152
    • 12
  4. Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98

    Serial: Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98

    Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98 is a very long didgeridoo in the Key of a low D. Harmonious sound and deep and low tones in combination with a sharper ground tone. Good for both styles of playing meditative and rhythmic didgeridoo playing. Good for vocalizing sounds. The design are two carved Aboriginal men dancing in a coroberee ( ritual dance). They are holding boomerangs and spears and it looks like they are preparing for battle. It most have takin' a lot of work to clean all the wood from the didge and only leave the wood for the two men behind. Also a very precise job is done doing so. A rare and unique didgeridoo! This sort of carving is hardly done nowadays. The unusual length of this didge makes it a low tone conical. The tone is a D midtone. Normally a didgeridoo of this length would be a few tones lower. The inside is more conical then it looks from outside. The didgeridoo is also nicely balanced! For it's length it is not a heavy didge. Good to see that this kind of hand work is still done! With it's impressive length an extravagant piece to see.
    Didgeridoo PDF60M34B9P98
    • 160 cm
    • Painted Didgeridoos
    • Bloodwood Eucalyptus
    • 3.4 cm
    • D
    • 9 cm
    • F
    • 1.2 cm

    Regular Price: €680.00

    Special Price: €535.00

  5. Didgeridoo DsF45M33B10W3P39

    Serial: Didgeridoo DsF45M33B10W3P39

    Didgeridoo DsF45M33B10W3P39 is a High Tone Conical E didgeridoo. It can also be played in Ds when less pressure is given. So you could say the tone is in between E and D#. The didgeridoo is small in size but reasonably long in length for an E tone didgeridoo. Normally they are shorter. This gives you extra room to grasp toots or trumpet tones. There is more room to play more advanced rhythms. For the rhythmic type of player it is a nice didgeridoo to travel around with. it is not too big and still has a loud sound and all the characteristics of a professional instrument. It is a clean skin (surface) didgeridoo. no Knot's or other wood problems. It had a small repair on the bell but that never seems to be a problem with didgeridoos anyway. Just thought I mention it. It is hard to see anyway. This type of didgeridoo has been the most popular model in the past because of it's possibilities and size.
    Didgeridoo-Webshop DsF45M33B10W3P39
    • 145
    • High Tone Conical
    • Stringy Bark Eucalyptus
    • 3.3
    • D#
    • 10
    • F,C#,F#
    • 1.1

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