Mallee Didgeridoos

Mallee Didgeridoos

Mallee - Aboriginal word meaning 'friend' or 'hollow tubes'.

To create our High Quality Mallee didgeridoos we travel to
remote regions of the Australian bush where we hand pick the
best natural termite-hollowed didgeridoo stems of Eucalyptus.

We use only fresh cleanskin didgeridoo stems without knots, sidebranches or twists and a clean inside surface. The selected didgeridoos are then cured for a few months up to a year.

The didgeridoo is fine tuned and pressurized to create a fluent backpressure through chiselling the inside of the didgeridoo by hand. Then a good balance is created by shaving the outside of the didgeridoo to the appropriate wood thickness to uphold the amount of backpressure produced when playing powerfully.

This process of fine tuning, pressurizing and balancing takes
experience, patience and time.

In the final stage of making the Mallee Didge we apply high quality coating to help protect the instrument against sudden temperature changes.

To satisfy the needs of the dedicated didgeridoo player we offer the widest range of high quality didgeridoos possible, be it in shape, size or sound.

  Mallee man on didge
A small Mallee Didgeridoo seal of quality can be found on the back of our didgeridoos.