Didgeridoo Shapes

Didgeridoo Shapes

For an explanation of the names of our didgeridoos please go to the didgeridoo webshop or the how to choose a didgeridoo guide.

Didgeridoo Flare

See Bell bottom didgeridoos in the Didgeridoo characteristics list.

Didgeridoo Sound box

This generally means a bell bottom didgeridoo or flare of the didgeridoo that operates more like an amplifier of the didgeridoo instead of being part of the inner column that creates the characteristics of the didgeridoo. Let’s say its ground tone etc. It is more seen as a separate amplifier that does not change the key or tone of the didgeridoo.

Didgeridoo Wood thickness

See Wood thickness in the Didgeridoo characteristics list.

Didgeridoo Mouth piece

See Mouth piece in the Didgeridoo characteristics list

Waxless mouth piece on Didgeridoo

See Mouth piece in the Didgeridoo characteristics list

Mouth piece Insert in didgeridoo

An insert is a piece of wood put inside a didgeridoo that has a too big hole to blow on. The insert helps to play the didgeridoo. This is usually done with very big didgeridoos like the ‘monster trunk didgeridoos’. Inserts are made of smaller termite hollowed stems. They can have all sorts of lengths. Most commen is between 5 and 10 cm long but I have also seen them of 30 cm. They help a big didgeridoo to play, but they’re not really suitable for advanced playing techniques. But generally speaking very big didgeridoos are not very suitable for advanced playing, but they can give a tremendous heavy and bassy drone. Most people are really impressed by the sound of these big monster trunk didgeridoos. See webshop for more info on monster trunk didgeridoos.